So I had a dream that woke me up a few minutes ago that I had about 296 dollars towards my fund on indiegogo. Holy shit! I woke up to Aisling King-Macklin telling me I have like 300 dollars already. I’m pretty impressed with myself. I may be psychic if that’s even a real thing. I want to thank everyone who’s contributed so far. You’ll get some art, I’ll get some money, and we’ll see if this Latuda thing can fix what ails me. Thank you so much. :)

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starting a crowdsourcing thing to help get money for a miracle drug for my untreatable bipolar psychosis. please help!!!

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My new bipolar med that is hopefully going to stop my psychosis is $784 dollars. My insurance probably won’t cover that and I can’t afford to spend that much a month for pills. Please help a girl out. My mental health sucks right now. If it works and my insurance doesn’t cover it, I’ll find some other way to pay for it, but I can’t pay that much right now out of pocket for a test-run of a new drug.

I added a donation button on my tumblr.

you can paypal me money at

please help.

We still need artwork for our office. We are painting it right now, so once it’s done we can put stuff up. I’m looking for around 15 pieces of work, can be less if you have large work, and it has to be office appropriate (no nudity, no cartoony stuff). Please reply if you are interested. We take 20% commission on sold work like all galleries do, there’s no entry fee, and you’ll want to have some business cards as well. If you get back to me early enough I can make business cards for you, free of charge (I’ll foot the bill). I promote you on 5 different FB accounts, an ello account, and three twitter accounts. Please get back to me if interested, we want our office looking fresh!

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Here’s an idea.

If you don’t like a game, how about you just not play it?

sorry asswipe. I cant find very many games I DO like playing because all my badass females are M.I.A or show their tits too much. out of all the games I’ve played and beaten, 24% have awesome female leads. 24%. shouldnt that be like 50%?


Sailor neptune painting #sailormoon #illustration #animation

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replenish mana by *kuuramantoonis

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doodled while having insomnia

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Perfect Blue (1997) production sequence

this is for REALS my favorite movie of all time.

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~   Marquis de Sade - Philosophy in the bedroom (via cocodura)