doodley doodle doodle doo

04.16.14 @ 16:4512

caught red handed. acrylic, gouache, paint marker, ink on wood

03.28.14 @ 18:0473

"help" acrylic, gouache, sharpie on wood.

02.16.14 @ 18:26293

better photo when we can get some better lighting in this studio.

01.09.14 @ 19:35211

spit-up feelings. 2013. gouache, paint marker, acrylic, nail polish on wood.

12.28.13 @ 18:10165

testing out my new paper. sorry for the bad image quality—took this at night time without proper lighting.

11.06.13 @ 17:3115

Trying to beat an artist’s block. I had lots of fun making this. I think I need to go back to working on paper. I don’t know;  just feels right to me.

10.20.13 @ 19:44113

FADING. gouache, acrylic, pen and ink on wood

09.27.13 @ 09:3033

oldie but goodie

09.25.13 @ 13:2547

Anonymous asked:

i've noticed your art is a lot less vulgar recently! Is this due to you being in a different state of mind?

The minute I got on meds for bipolar was the minute my art started to change. I’m currently very medicated and so its less vulgar and less creative even. Nothing I can change however since without these drugs I’d be a complete looney-tune.

"blue bow" or ”communication”. 2013. gouache,  marker, acrylic, gel pen on wood. 12”x12”

08.21.13 @ 17:5025

I realised I hadn’t taken pictures of my cool Kira stuff I got so I took one. I have a few prints too but I left them at my uni house..
Cushions are really cool because my parents look at them and go wow how lovely but they never look closely enough to see the hairy balls

08.21.13 @ 12:2525


08.13.13 @ 10:05409

pressure. 2013. gouache, acrylic, marker on wood

08.08.13 @ 17:2084

tampon life. 12”x12” acrylic, gouache, ink on wood

07.31.13 @ 08:0068