I’m not teaching art right now and it’s driving me crazy. Here, have some art-related tips:


  • if you have to draw a hot chick, make it count (do it well/have an awesome concept)
  • if you have to objectify someone, try to make it a comment on the inherent ugliness of doing just that. .
  • if you are having trouble drawing something from life/photos because it bores you/is too easy/is too hard, think of something that’s fun for you to draw, and try to fit it into the context of what you are observing.
  • draw all the time. whenever you can. at work, on the toilet. whatever.
  • if something is too hard, just like in a test, skip over it and do things you know how to do. if that hard part of the piece NEEDS to be that way, you’ll come to that realization and have all the time in the world to hash it out on your own.
  • 'save' your work by building up layers of fixative/varnish/spray for paintings. i 'save' every time i finish something I like a lot in a piece (and let it dry for at least an hour), which allows me to wipe the piece clean if I don't like what comes after.
  • don’t sweat the small stuff. if it can be fixed once it dries, work on something else while it does just that.
  • squint to better see negative shapes; focusing on negative space makes it easier to render things so you don’t get caught up in the details.
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