My new bipolar med that is hopefully going to stop my psychosis is $784 dollars. My insurance probably won’t cover that and I can’t afford to spend that much a month for pills. Please help a girl out. My mental health sucks right now. If it works and my insurance doesn’t cover it, I’ll find some other way to pay for it, but I can’t pay that much right now out of pocket for a test-run of a new drug.

I added a donation button on my tumblr.

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please help.

doodled while having insomnia

10.16.14 @ 18:1526


Kira Leigh.

10.11.14 @ 16:04159

ours ours ours. 2012. gouache, gel pen, colored pencils, ink, watercolors, acrylic, glitter on paper. 12”x12”

10.05.14 @ 09:52156

SLOTH AND HER PILLS. 2012. acrylic, gouache, pastel, blush, gel pen, graphite, ink on paper. 12” x 8”

09.26.14 @ 15:53617

12.07.12 @ 18:0335


11.25.12 @ 12:4850

"you fucking cunt" or "spell: deluge of memory"
better pic once I get new lightbulbs for our living room

02.06.12 @ 02:0524

its really hard for me to write artist’s statements. I should just tell everyone my work is just me communicating with aliens or something.

ring of apathy.
it takes my colorsand pulls them through blades of timeleaving me skinlessmetallicand stupid 

01.15.12 @ 12:0960

stunted growth. the infection grows first in the mind and pretty soon you become the disease.

11.29.11 @ 18:0925