womanhood is fun.
acrylic, house paint, metallic paint, gel pens, bic pen on canvas
12” x 12”

09.19.12 @ 17:1876

crop of a 50”x38” WIP that died recently. working on redoing it on a huge wood panel. pics of that to come!

02.26.12 @ 15:2042

APATHY + her Ring + her Razor 
A unicorn who let the red bull thrust her into the sea.

02.19.12 @ 20:22144

"you fucking cunt" or "spell: deluge of memory"
better pic once I get new lightbulbs for our living room

02.06.12 @ 02:0524

01.16.12 @ 16:2039

a mage’s work is never done

12.22.11 @ 16:0767

ether of greater self-effacement. imagine those wiggly bits crawling up your nose and controlling your brain like a yeerk (animorphs), only it lasts forever.notice there isn’t even an option to say ‘no’, just ‘select’. 
a pretty heavy, personal piece, that probably no one will understand. oh well
(possibly still a WIP but whatever)

12.19.11 @ 15:4313

I doodled a unicorn being overtaken by hipster fungus, because I was annoyed with the art world, life, unicorns, whatever.
I then realized it’d be awesome on a shirt. one head per boob. and so, it was named..
the boobicorn.
enjoy. <3

12.10.11 @ 20:577

11.17.11 @ 13:5056