My work is looking for art to show on our walls. I can take anything except sculpture and nothing nudey/explicit/swear-y (which counts out 90% of my artwork so that’s why I need you!) We take a 20% commission for anything sold. Taking out-of-staters but we don’t pay your shipping. We have huge walls and plenty of space. I promote you on social media too, so that’s a total of 5 different FB accounts and 3 twitters and 1 ello. Send me an /ask/ or a reply if you are interested, or email

Tony Aguero just donated $10, which means I can get 4 books. :) Thank you my friend. Any little bit helps. I think I’ll be fine, that ten dollars is really going to getting me coffee in about 15 minutes. so that  I can actually design this book for everyone and not have it look like kaka. :) You guys also probably noticed that I won’t be having any pages in the zine. I will have the front cover„ but its going to be covered almost completely in text. No back cover. This is for you, not me.

So it’s going to cost, cheapest estimate, about $100 dollars total including shipping. Your art cannot be in color. Sorry, I tried. Each site I went to quoted me at $200 dollars sans shipping which they told me is between $18-34 dollars even for a month long process. Staples was by far the cheapest and I can walk there so it should only take a day. I can get a total of 40 books with shipping included for $100. You get 3 pages each and one copy for yourself. I will put them in local cafes, in some comic shops, and advertise them on all my social media connections. If you CAN donate money to this cause it would be super but I don’t expect it at all, its no pressure. If so, paypal for your donation. I don’t care if I don’t get any additional funding for this but it helps and can go towards future issues. Thank you for reading, hope you like it.

Have these so far: Chantal Elena Art, Bethany Stultz, Shelby Criswell and Tyler Wood. Andrew Pannell is submitting soon and I have yet to get anything from anyone else. So I need 5 more.

update: Just got a submit from Tony Aguero. So 4 more.

update: Just penciled in my good friend Phil Musen who is fucking amazing so if you have not checked out his work go do so now. Also penciled in Parrish Isaacs and panic-volkushka

one spot left!!! as of 5:24pm EST 9/29/2014

update: there are no spots left. <3

2011. piece of you. marker, ball point pen, acrylic, colored pencil, highlighter, eyeshadow, gel pen on paper

09.27.14 @ 07:18120

SLOTH AND HER PILLS. 2012. acrylic, gouache, pastel, blush, gel pen, graphite, ink on paper. 12&#8221; x 8&#8221;

09.26.14 @ 15:53503

I remember this! Don&#8217;t know where it is but I know I sold it to someone circa 2011? Is this yours???

09.25.14 @ 15:1614

oldie but goodie. loved making this one. forgot who i sold it to?

09.24.14 @ 17:0921



I still think my art would be fucking amazing on some awesome leggings or whatever. Someone make this a reality plz

09.14.14 @ 08:5651

kira leigh. FOUND IT. 2014. gel pen, acrylic, colored pencil, ink, glitter on paper

08.30.14 @ 09:3126

ENEMY INSIDE OF ME. 2014. gel pens, ball point pen, colored pencils on paper. 

08.23.14 @ 19:0994

libido. 2014. pen and ink with highlighter plus digital colors and such

08.17.14 @ 16:5623

2014. ink on paper. PUBES. I finally started drawing again! Yay!

08.04.14 @ 12:517

unagi (eel) over rice. it was delicious. got it from genki-ya in brookline.

07.14.14 @ 10:273

Star scapes and moons and stars. Done up in glitter nail polish. Better picture later; camera is acting funny

06.01.14 @ 09:4825