replenish mana by *kuuramantoonis

10.19.14 @ 11:0916

doodled while having insomnia

10.16.14 @ 18:1524

old art is old.

10.15.14 @ 17:2267


Kira Leigh.

10.11.14 @ 16:04146

fighting with my tablet. Don’t really know how to use it or how to color at all. Using some knockoff opencanvas program thats all in japanese I do not know how to read japanese okkkk

10.10.14 @ 15:4026

Updated my site. By the time this posts, the store should be up and running again (spent a long time on the line with tech support!). It’s not fantastic, but I wanted to redo it a little, update my artist’s statement and my publications/exhibitions. I’ll put up my newer works on the site once I’m sure the store is working correctly. Thank you! :)

10.08.14 @ 15:3155

white mage. 2011. gouache, acrylic, watercolor, marker, gel pen, ink on paper. no idea what the size is. don’t know where it is, spent an hour looking for it. :/

10.05.14 @ 18:2620

ours ours ours. 2012. gouache, gel pen, colored pencils, ink, watercolors, acrylic, glitter on paper. 12”x12”

10.05.14 @ 09:52126


FEMALE MAN_age_r_u_12yrs_old?
acrylic, nail polish, gouache, gel pen on canvas. 18” x 18”

10.04.14 @ 09:3838

10.03.14 @ 15:0861

2011 (?) kira leigh. TAIJI. acrylic, watercolor, gouache, gel pen, nail polish, spray paint on paper

10.02.14 @ 18:3671


Kira Leigh

I really liked this one. :)

10.02.14 @ 14:2233

My work is looking for art to show on our walls. I can take anything except sculpture and nothing nudey/explicit/swear-y (which counts out 90% of my artwork so that’s why I need you!) We take a 20% commission for anything sold. Taking out-of-staters but we don’t pay your shipping. We have huge walls and plenty of space. I promote you on social media too, so that’s a total of 5 different FB accounts and 3 twitters and 1 ello. Send me an /ask/ or a reply if you are interested, or email kira@gatewayreg.com

Tony Aguero just donated $10, which means I can get 4 books. :) Thank you my friend. Any little bit helps. I think I’ll be fine, that ten dollars is really going to getting me coffee in about 15 minutes. so that  I can actually design this book for everyone and not have it look like kaka. :) You guys also probably noticed that I won’t be having any pages in the zine. I will have the front cover„ but its going to be covered almost completely in text. No back cover. This is for you, not me.

Have these so far: Chantal Elena Art, Bethany Stultz, Shelby Criswell and Tyler Wood. Andrew Pannell is submitting soon and I have yet to get anything from anyone else. So I need 5 more.

update: Just got a submit from Tony Aguero. So 4 more.

update: Just penciled in my good friend Phil Musen who is fucking amazing so if you have not checked out his work go do so now. Also penciled in Parrish Isaacs and panic-volkushka

one spot left!!! as of 5:24pm EST 9/29/2014

update: there are no spots left. <3